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Jennifer Steinkamp
Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is a site-specific video installation that fills large walls of the gallery; thousands of computer synthesized flowers swing back and forth. The flowers create an illusion where space seems to dematerialize. It feels as though the walls are moving along with the flowers.

I named this piece “Jimmy Carter” in honor of a man I respect very much. He is an incredible, selfless, and generous leader. It is unbelievable to me that the United States political system was able to choose this amazing person to lead the country. With everything going on in this imperialist reactionary world, I wanted to make a small gesture towards peace and inclusive values.

A few years ago radical conservatives put their candidate in the presidential office; since then, my work has contained messages of peace and commentary on war. The US with its ridiculous corporate media is controlling the thoughts of the populous by not giving a clear picture of the world situation; and in addition it is very difficult to make any criticism of US policies without being labeled unpatriotic. As a result, I named my art after Jimmy Carter who stands for peace and progress throughout the world. This was a way to criticize US policies while remaining patriotic.


Gipsy Glam


I’m not sure if I could ever pull this off, but it’s very pretty nonetheless! In fact, I’m surprised by just how good it looks since it’s a really hard eye makeup to wear. This reminds me of the Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia eye shape, but uses a strong, flat black for drama instead of blues.

Probably works better if you have dark hair and don’t have doe-shaped downward sloping eyes, or the shadow would look just like what it is - raccoon eyes.

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